Miranda M. age 29, CPT CNA, Montana

Miranda M. age 29, CPT CNA, Montana    A healthcare professional for the last 10 years my experiences first began in November of 2019. Family and coworkers all struggling with what was at the time an unknown virus. Repeated ER visits,  I honestly have been sick before but never this sick. My lungs hurt so bad I honestly cannot put it into words.   In less than 48 hours after taking VSS my kids and my wife's symptoms were completely gone. My symptoms improved, not as fast, except what a relief to have this marvelous product work for all our benefit. Without taking VSS, my parents, my coworkers and our friends struggled with these symptoms for several weeks and after taking VSS they all recovered in days.  Given my experience with being a healthcare professional and my personal and family experience with VSS, there is no doubt our lives are changed and protected. Also, I know my patients at the hospital could, 100 percent, benefit from VSS if it were available to them.

Therefore, I recommend and know Viro Spectrum Shield will change the world! Sincerely, Miranda M

Alicia G. Age 52, Husband 57, Accountant & Pastor, Brazil

Both of us caught the terrible Flu in August,   after 15 days the pain in my body was so bad, I felt like I was dying and prayed to God to take the pain away.  The Viro Spectrum Shield arrived,  and we both started taking it immediately.  My husband recovered quickly after a few days and my eyes became clear and body pains went away. I thank God and Viro Spectrum Shield!

Matoshi A. Age 37,Mother of three, Las Vegas

Our 10-year-old daughter had serious chest pains.  Took her to Urgent Care Center and they prescribed Amoxicillin which did not help her condition. I started her on Viro Spectrum Shield and after a week, I had my healthy daughter back thanks to Viro Spectrum Shield!   Our 9-year son started with a dry cough that progressed into headaches and body pain. After a week of over-the-counter medications, nothing worked and I started giving him Viro Spectrum Shield. After three days he started to feel 100% better. Now after seven days of Viro Spectrum Shield my son is a picture of good health!

Alisa H. Age 38, Janitorial Mgmt., Las Vegas

My Two-year-old granddaughter has been sick with a high temperature for 4 days and we started giving her Viro Spectrum Shield and after two days her fever broke and now, she is back to normal as an active little girl! 

Susan T. Age 60, Retired Business Woman, New Mexico

I have practiced Holistic Health for 35 years and know my body well. In August of this year, I woke up with sticky eyes and was shocked to see total inflammation in my red eyes in the mirror. My body ached with a sore throat and a terrible headache. I was in contact with my friend and business associate Albert A. who overnighted a bottle of Viro Spectrum Shield. After taking VSS for 48-72 hours my aches and pains were gone and my red eyes were back to normal. I finished the 15-day cycle and I have no doubt Viro Spectrum works!

Greg & Stephanie. Age 50's, Married, Montana

Greg's journey started first, with a cough, followed by multiple ER visits Stephanie began taking VSS right away. Within 5-days, all symptoms gone, feeling well and back to normal. Unfortunately, Greg's journey was more difficult than Stephanies, as he chose not to try VSS, but we are happy to report that Greg eventually recovered fully as well. I am sure Stephanie will never let him live that one down!

Shannon. Millennial, Montana

Shannons symptoms began with a cough that quickly spread to her chest. 4-days after her symptoms began she started taking  VSS, which stopped the virus from fully settling in her respiratory system and allowed her to breathe.

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