Viro Spectrum Shield


Proprietary Blend

The VSS Proprietary blend is basically a secret recipe of different plants and herbs that possess a High level of assorted Phytonutrients that protect cells and fight off disease.

Flavenoids/Lignans and other compounds found in these individual ingredients have been widely researched by many scientists all over the world and the results show staggering evidence that these compounds fight disease naturally. Studies have shown huge benefits against viruses and Cancer. 

While the actual Health Benefits are still being studied, humans have been using our formula when they become ill with the flu and have reported amazing results for over 30-years.

Ingredients: Lomatium Dissectum, Larrea Tridentata, Ascorbic Acid

We will soon be launching a new formulation adding the benefits of Zinc and Vitamin D3


According to Wikipedia "phytochemicals have beneficial effects on long-term health when consumed by humans, and can be used to effectively treat human diseases. ". " Researchers have found that phytochemicals have the potential to stimulate the immune system" Healthline " Plant foods contain thousands of natural chemicals. These are called phytonutrients or phytochemicals. "Phyto" refers to the Greek word for plant. These chemicals help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats. " WebMD.

Lomatium Dissectum

Lomatium has been used by Native Americans for over 100 years, to fight against flu viruses, and as an anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment as well. During the pandemic in 1918 it was used to fight the Spanish flu, showing great promise as a broad spectrum antiviral. Research shows that Lomatium may assist in the healing of lung tissue, and damage being caused by viral infections. Further research has also been done on the Herpes Virus and HIV, with great promise.


Independent research has shown that some people can show allergic reactions to Lomatium. It is suggested that you take the contents of capsule, mix with a few drops of water, and apply to the inside of your wrist, to look for any allergic reaction. The addition of Vitamin C in our formula helps counteract allergic reactions. While we have not had any reports in the last 38 years of use by volunteers, there is always a possibility someone will have a sensitivity, safety first.

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Larrea Tridentata

As a superior source of Lignans, Polyphenols and NDGA, Larrea tridentata provides support to your immune system, inhibiting the mechanism of how a virus spreads throughout your body. Independent research has demonstrated that NDGA can inhibit/suppress many types of viruses.  Lignans assist in disrupting the mechanism of a spreading virus.

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Ascorbic Acid

In the early literature, vitamin C deficiency was associated with pneumonia. After its identification, a number of studies investigated the effects of vitamin C on diverse infections. A total of 148 animal studies indicated that vitamin C may alleviate or prevent infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. The most extensively studied human infection is the common cold. Vitamin C administration does not decrease the average incidence of colds in the general population, yet it halved the number of colds in physically active people. Regularly administered vitamin C has shortened the duration of colds, indicating a biological effect. However, the role of vitamin C in common cold treatment is unclear. Two controlled trials found a statistically significant dose-response, for the duration of common cold symptoms, with up to 6-8 g/day of vitamin C. Thus, the negative findings of some therapeutic common cold studies might be explained by the low doses of 3-4 g/day of vitamin C. Three controlled trials found that vitamin C prevented pneumonia. Two controlled trials found a treatment benefit of vitamin C for pneumonia patients.

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Zinc - (Coming in our new Formulation - Current Shipments do not include Zinc)

Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body.

Because your body doesn’t naturally produce zinc, you must obtain it through food or supplements.

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Vitamin D3 - (Coming in our new Formulation - Current Shipments do not include D3)

Vitamin D is important for overall health. You get it from the sun, foods you eat, or supplements. It comes in two main forms: D2 and D3.

If you have too little, you may problems with your bones, muscles, immune system, and mood. You could also have more inflammation and pain.

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"Flavonoids have proven antibacterial and antiviral effects. Numerous laboratory studies have shown that certain flavonoids prevent cell replication of H1N1 flu, HIV, SARS, and RSV viruses " WebMD "

 Flavonoids help regulate cellular activity and fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress on your body. In simpler terms, they help your body function more efficiently while protecting it against everyday toxins and stressors. Flavonoids are also powerful antioxidant agents " Healthline

"Phytonutrients like flavonoids have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects and they protect your cells from oxidative damage that can lead to disease. These dietary antioxidants can prevent the development of the cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer " WebMD


Ligands are called chelants, chelators, chelating agents, or sequestering agents.

Chelation therapy can remove toxic metals from the body. Per Wikipedia

"In summary, metal-chelating inhibitors of viral and parasitic metalloproteins constitute attractive, promising, and safe therapeutic agents for the treatment of serious infectious diseases."  Published Online: 3 May 2018

Vegan Gelatin Capsule

All wrapped up in a Vegan gelatin capsule.  Kosher Certified All ingredients sourced and processed in the USA 100% Natural plant-based ingredients Lab Confirmed Non-Toxic.

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