Lab Tested on Multiple Viruses since 2009

Lab-testing has been completed by the Prestigious MRIGlobal,  a federally accredited lab that contracts with  the Department of Defense, CDC, Department of Energy, and others.

 Lab tests have shown positive results against every virus we have tested against, which backs up the results we have witnessed over the last 38 years. Over the last 38-years, this formula has been given to people who are suffering from Flu/Virus symptoms and within 24-48 hours their symptoms begin to reverse, their health improves. The results speak for themselves.

Volunteers have used the VSS  formula when infected with seasonal flu viruses; reporting improved health and reduction of symptoms, typically within 24 to 48 hours or less.

Since VSS works on slowing the mechanism of a spreading virus, the different type or strain of the virus has not halted effectiveness. In lab testing, VSS has shown effectiveness in fighting against every type/strain/variant we have tested it against.

Funding is still required for the official human clinical trials needed to support our preliminary findings and to eventually develop this formula into a recognized Antiviral "Treatment", until then VSS is considered a "Dietary Supplement" and is available to anyone suffering from a virus and looking for a natural way to help their bodies overcome it.

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